Conference Website, Call for Abstracts and Registrations

The Call for Abstracts for consideration for inclusion in the third Minding Animals Conference in New Delhi has opened.  As for the previous two conferences, talks will be limited to a MAXIMUM of 20 minutes including questions. If you wish to submit an abstract, please complete the abstracts submission form at:

Registration for the Minding Animals Conference in New Delhi is also open. If you wish to register for the conference, please complete the registration form at:

Have you visited the new Minding Animals Conference website?  We are constantly adding information.  Nevertheless, if you are having difficulty in accessing information, contact us at:

4 responses to “Conference Website, Call for Abstracts and Registrations

  1. Karuna Society for Animals and Nature, Puttaparthi likes to present ‘The Vegan Buffalo” in the Protecting Animals series. I have the abstract ready and I like to register together with my P.A what is the fee for a local society for two persons?
    I am not good with the computer. Please guide me
    We have also sent in “The Plastic Cow” documentary.

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