Call for Nominations

ShellyThe new Board needs to fill some vacant (and vital) positions:

Treasurer – you must be money-savvy, a whiz with MYOB or other accounting software, and be committed to animals

Minding Animals Editor – must be familiar with publishing regular newsletters and have experience in being an editor for an academic journal

Web and Social Media Designer – should have experience in developing web-sites and be familiar with various forms of social media

Grant Writer – must have experience in writing grant and funding applications

National Group Convenor for Asia, the Pacific and the Americas – must be prepared to actively negotiate the development of new national and supra-national groups

Minding Animal Study Circle Convenor – must have an interest in several academic areas and be willing to further develop what has been a popular component of the Minding Animals Conferences

All positions answer to the Board and are presently voluntary although all expenses will be reimbursed. It is hoped that, except for the Treasurer, all positions will soon be paid positions answerable to the Board through the Executive Director.

Nominations should be sent to:

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